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Travel far enough, you meet yourself.

David Mitchell

The Castles of Northumberland

The Castles of Northumberland – is a three-day trip which will make you feel like Harry Potter. The journey starts in the early morning in the city of London, just in front of the shop where Harry bought his magic equipment from the Philosopher’s Stone. This journey will take you to Bamburgh and Alnwick castles, which are famous with their history in being the last military points before the border of Scotland, at the very North-East of England. The trips are packed with history, emotions, delicious fresh crabs and more. Alnwick castle is not just one of the richest inhabited houses (the friends of the Queen live there) but, also, a great collection of antiques and decorations for the Harry Potter films.

There are other stops along the way in Lincoln – with one of the tallest cathedrals and its castle, where the first ever ‘constitution’ is stored and where democracy was born 600 years ago. Then we introduce York – one of the oldest towns surrounded by the wall to protect the inhabitants from everything ‘beyond the pale’. After having a look at the Roman columns, of Minster Cathedral, we continue our journey to the North through Yorkshire National Park with unforgettable driving and views on hills, mountains and valleys. We will also visit Durham – the oldest university, castle and cathedral, as well as other beautiful castles and beautiful villages, with nice people, their kind hearts and funny accents, why not having a pint with some of them in a 400 years old inn?