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Travel far enough, you meet yourself.

David Mitchell

Ghost tour

Ghost tour
Ghost tour
Ghost tour
Ghost tour
Ghost tour


- Visit of Traditional London Pubs.
- Luxury motor coach and transfers.
- Complimentary crate of “Ghost Ship” beer.
- Professional multilingual guide available on request.
- Professional British Ghost Expert available on request.
- Professional and established British medium available on request.

See some of England’s scariest places of death and sorrow, and where Jack the Ripper found his victims. Discover the brutal story of Jack the Ripper, step into Mary Jane Kelly’s bedroom, the scene of Jack’s latest crime. Explore the suspects as you step into the Ten Bells Public House. Priority access for the London’s Dungeon. Search for memorable and intriguing experiences , ghost suppers, haunted nights, ghost tours in some of the most paranormally active locations in the UK.
Treat yourself to unforgettable nights of thrills and chills with ghost hunting experience. This spooky and scary getaway will see you exploring one of the Britain’s most haunted locations. The medium give you an exclusive supernatural history tour before giving you a chance to join in on a number of fascinating experiments. With the latest ghost hunting equipment this exiting experience is guaranteed to have your heart racing.
Sightseeing tours of London (Little Venice, Tower of London , St. Paul’s Cathedral, Greenwich , etc) and other UK picturesque locations (Bath, Stonehenge, Blackpoll, etc) are available on request.


Transfer from the airport to the hotel. Panoramic tour of London, including Parliament Square, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral , Thames River Cruise, Guided tour of the Tower of London – see the magnificent Crown Jewels.
We will start with panoramic drive to Parliament Square and see the magnificent Westminster Abbey to Kensington Palace (former home of Diana, Princess of Wales. We will see the Royal Albert Hall and Albert Memorial. St James Park and Buckingham Palace to see the ceremony of changing the Guard. Then we will enjoy the lunch in a typical English Pub. A guided tour to St. Paul’s Cathedral . The Cathedral was rebuilt after the Great Fire in London in 1666. In recent years it has seen the wedding of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer. The Tower of London is one of the most beautiful heritage building in the world. Over the past thousand years it has been a royal palace, a prison and a place of execution. The Beefeaters who guard the Tower will tell you the stories about its past and we will visit the Crown Jewels including the magnificent Cullinan diamond, set in the state crown and the gorgeous Koh-i-noor.
Then, dinner with Sherlock Holmes. In the warmth of the Sherlock Holmes Pub, serving a great selection of real ales, fine wines and soft drinks. The Pub boasts a unique collection of memorabilia. Enjoy fabulous “pub grub”.

Jack the Ripper and Ghosts of London. We will start with the bus drive to the dark side of London. The Theatre Royal Drury Lane the infamous haunted theatre in London. We will see the Old Bailey – the site of numerous public hangings. Drive along the Fleet Street , home of Sweeny Tood – the demon barber of the Fleet Street and his accomplice,  Mrs. Lovett, who was baking pies from the flesh of her victims and was selling them to customers. We will drive to London’s East End , a hotbed of crime and vice in the 19th century. Jack the Ripper came out of the fog and dimly lit alleys just long enough to stalk and butcher his five victims. We will walk his death trial inspecting the murder sites and see the 10 Bells Pub built in 1752 where many of Jack the Ripper’s victims were said to have drunk. Until now the case remain unsolved. Try to find out the answer yourself!
We will stop for comfort and courage in a pub used by some of the victims and round off the tour enjoying traditional English fish and chips.

Take your time to look round the many colleges of the old university city, stroll along the banks of the river Thames, (here called the Isis) particularly the lower walks through Christ Church Meadow. The city of Oxford is host to one of the World’s most famous Universities, since its very inception. Oxford is a wonderful place to ramble: the oldest colleges date back to almost 750 years ago, and little has changed inside their hallowed walls ever since. Oxford has a long industrial past and was the birth place of the Morris motor car as well as Mensa.
Back on spooky subjects, we will stay for a night for the Ghost Hunting at the Oxford Castle Unlocked, for a whole night until sunrise.
Oxford Castle Unlocked is an interesting piece of insight into the history of Oxford, that finds its origins in building that has existed since before the Norman Conquest. It’s an amazing slice of the most classical British History. Parts of the original castle can still be found at St. Georges Tower, which was build by the Anglo-Saxons. Visitors can climb up the narrow staircase to the very top to be met by an astonishing 360 degree view of Oxford and its surrounding area. This will be your chance to experience the dark atmosphere of a shivering 900 year old underground Crypt, marvelling at the Mound of the 11th century bailey castle . It’ll also be possible to experience the overnight ghost hunt.
You can discover the truth behind the Oxford Castle (the Black Assize of 1577), where several hundreds of people died within 5 weeks, the tremendous sufferings endured by the prisoners as well as the great escapes.
The castle has been exposed to numerous wars over the years. It was witness to the Tudor period, which was fraught with its own battles, as well as to the British Civil Wars and throughout the dissolution of the monasteries.
There have been many reports of paranormal activity at the Oxford Castle. The Murderer Mary Blandy was sentenced to death by hanging in 1752, and her wraith has been seen several times walking in the Castle. There were also poltergeist activities and a priest was called to conduct the exorcism. The Castle has been used as a film set. During the filming several staff members heard gut wrenching shouts and screams echoing around the main buildings. There were several unexplained physical damage cases to various items stored at the prison. Security guards during their rounds at night witnessed the most terrifying apparition. It was spotted by one guard and his dog on the nightly patrol. The dog stopped and growled while its master saw two black figures in front of him, later on the dog died of heart failure.
The Oxford Castle – a grim and bloody place of execution for four hundred years.

Go through the city centre on the way to the villages and market towns, built of the honey coloured stone that characterises the region. Following the meandering of the River Evenlode, reach Charlbury and make our way up to Stow on the Wold, popular tourist town.

We will head to Canterbury for some more thrilling ghost hunting.
At 20:00 or during the day we will join a Canterbury Ghost Tour to discover some horrifying tales that will haunt your dreams and raise the hair on the back of your head. A 90 minute tour of Canterbury’s dark side, graciously blending of history, humour and horror. Kent’s Premier Award winning Ghost Hunter is John Hippisley, who saw his first ghost when he was 13 years old at school in near by Goudhurst. After 30 years of research, Canterbury was the ideal location to conduct ghost tours with its rich historical background which can be traced back to pre-Roman times, and the infamous murder of Thomas Becket on 29th of December 1170. This tour possesses history and humour alike, and gives you an insight into what has made Canterbury such a popular destination for over a thousand years. It will give an insightful look at the hidden history of Canterbury’s city centre, Butchery Lane, and the duel of William Corkine and Christopher Marlowe.
We will have a dinner at The Old Brewery Tavern in Kent.

With a long history of torture and suffering, the castle and the town of Tonbridge is known to be ridden with paranormal activity. Most recently, the ghost of Elizabeth Lewis is reported to be haunting the castle grounds. In 1982 she lost her dog, which fell down a deep hole in the castle ground whilst chasing a butterfly. Elizabeth fell in the hole as well, and despite her screaming, nobody heard her distress calls. A few days later she met her sorrowful end.

Deep into a mesmerising fable setting, no wonder it’s the loveliest castle in the world. The Leeds Castle , serenely raising atop of its island in the middle of a lake where black swans glide, was made for romance, the favourite retreat of Queens of England, including Eleanor of Castile, wife of Edward I. The breathtaking scenario is completed by an aviary inhabited by thousands of parakeets and cockatoos, and a labyrinth connected to an underground grotto.
Leeds Thackray Medical Museum. In 1838 many people died of epidemics of typhus. The medical museum is a former workhouse, now perpetual home to many spirits forever hovering its corridors. Among those is said to be the “Yorkshire Witch”.


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