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Let your home be your mast and not your anchor.

Khalil Gibran

Chosing the area

Chosing the area

The surrounding area

In the UK, as in many other countries, the price of the house or flat depends on many factors. You can be offered a beautiful new apartment but the area may be rough and not convenient for family living; or the agent may show you some very little tiny flat or a house at the price of fortune due to the prestigious street and respectful neighbourhood.

Also, as you start thinking on the location, you may struggle with other uncertainties.

Are there any plans for future development in the chosen area? You don't want to buy a lovely house next to a lovely field, only to find yourself living next to a shopping centre in a few years time. Future development of the area may also affect the resell potential. However, not all developments are bad. If the area is being regenerated, you could make a good profit when selling the property in a couple of years and make good cash out of it.

So, as our business was first established as a travel business, we are taking your future property location concerns on ourselves. Without any partner or third part agent, we will organise a special tour where you will see several potentially good and prestigious areas, so you would never regret about your new home location and will live there happily.

Please contact us now to tell us your main criteria and the budget, and we will send you a programme to see the options you may fall in love with.