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Henry H. Saunderson

Best British Education

21 November 2013
Best British Education

Kolumbix is happy to announce that it has concluded new agency contracts with a number of top British educational institutions; so, now you've got a great choice if you or your children wish to study in the UK - whether by taking a simple course in English or by getting an education in a school or colledge.

As you may know, the British educational institutions have a reputation of the highest World’s benchmark. However, due to their wide variety, the process of choosing the right school, college or university is not very straightforward.

Being an official agent of Felsted University, Queen Ethelburga’s College, Aestas Summer School, Edgware Academy and many other top-class institutions, Kolumbix Ltd are now able to assist future students on enrolment, guardianship and other matters in order to make the process as easy and pleasurable as possible.

You can get additional information about our cultural and educational programmes by contacting us directly on info@kolumbix.co.uk or by phone to +44 7775 81 3335 (UK) and +7 926 2810303 (Russia).